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Affordable Sealcoating For Your Home

Get safe and beautiful sealcoating services completed by brush by the professionals at Youngs Sealcoating today. Our custom blended Gem Seal, a coal tar emulsion sealer can effectively and evenly protect your asphalt. Our mixing unit is state-of-the-art for guaranteed quality. Each batch of bulk sealer is lab tested for quality control. This is also combined with a polymer fortified latex additive, which provides the sealer with added flexibility and a rich black color upon drying, and up 3 pounds of silica sand per gallon of sealer for added traction and durability.


Benefits of Sealcoating Your Property

  • Slows down oxidation

  • Slows damage caused by weather

  • Makes it more appealing aesthetically

  • Resists petroleum and other chemicals

  • Increases safety

  • Extends the life of your asphalt

  • All sealers are commercial grade products

  • Hand brush can be applied on most surfaces

  • Meets all federal spec & FAA approved products




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